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Cancer Diet Prevention!

Diet in the fight and avoidance of cancer is very significant. Foods are classified by color into categories. Each color category of foods has properties that counter particular types of cancer.

We counter cancer of the pancreas and ovaries. Research has shown that tomatoes can protect women from ovarian cancer. Four or more times a week, a half cup of tomatoes may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by up to 50%. Also, the chance of pancreatic cancer is reduced by eating tomatoes. Tomatoes and other foods such as red peppers and roots, which help fight pancreatic cancer, have plentiful lycopene.

Orange colored foods:

We battle against ovarian and gastrointestinal cancers. These contain ß carotene, which is responsible for the sweet potatoes, pumpkins, vegetables, etc. in fruit. ß carotene provides the impact of the death of cancer cells on your stomach cancer.

Yellow-colored foods:

We fight cancer of the esophagus and uterus. The high in C vitamins are citrus fruits such as pomegranates, citrus fruits, mandarins, and papayas. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects against almost all cancers of the head, neck, and stomach. We are abundant in flavonoids, which inhibit the development of tumor cells and detoxify harmful substances.

Green colored foods:

We are battling tumors of the heart, breast, and ovary. Cruciferous vegetables such as endive, kale, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, and colds have been consumed studies suggesting that they reduce the risk of heart, breast, ovaries, stomach cancer. The plants contain large quantities of glucosinolates, a defensive compound against cancer growth.

Natural colored foods:

We fight cancer of the ovaries, uterus, and intestine. The allium group for veggie is food such as mushrooms, garlic, onions, shallots, and chives. The active ingredient in garlic allicin is antimicrobial and antioxidant. Allicin is produced when the garlic is sliced, smashed or chewed. Onions include polyphenols that can be used against cancer. These also include agents such as anthocyanin, epigene, quercetin and myricetin that fight natural cancer. Mushrooms have elevated vitamin D levels, which lead to reducing ovarian cancer risk.

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