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The impact of soda/soft drinks on your health

Many of us have hours spent on improving our health and choosing the best meal for our meals. Studies has shown that a typical U.S. consumes around 56 gallons a year. Some of us believe soda is a beverage supplement. Their consumption grew by nearly 25% compared with the previous year. It is interesting to measure how soft drinks will affect the wellbeing of an individual with Americans drinking the large number of soft drinks each year.

You will motivate you to hit the CAN for a good understanding of the adverse effects of soda.

  • Kidney Problems Contains high levels of kidney stones phosphoric acid.
  • Increased risk of Diabetes –A single soda can of 10 teaspoons of sugar found in the alternative.
  • Obesity – With every extra unit of soda eaten, the risk of obesity rises 1.6 fold.
  • Osteoporosis – Contains Phosphoric acid and bone disintegration is related to a high-phosphate diet, which raises osteoporosis risk.
  • Reproductive Issues Soda Cans produce a natural poison that induces early development and genital defects induced by BPA (biphenyl-A).
  • Heart Diseases – Contain a large volume of Fructose Corn Syrup related to diabetes and heart attack metabolic disorders.
  • Tooth Decay – Acid and sugar consisting the dissolves enamel to the teeth. The regular consumption of soda allows bacteria to accumulate on the teeth and can contribute to cavities and gums.
  • Asthma, Rash, and Eczema – The use of sodium benzoate as a condensing agent in sodas decreases potassium accessible in the body. Some sodium benzoate reactions have been documented, including rash, asthma and skin inflammation.
  • Caffeine, correlated with some tumors, breast lumps, rare heartworms, high blood pressure and other conditions is mostly present in sodas.

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