Foods that can help you feel more energised – Part 2


Quinoa is a seed with a high protein, carbohydrate, and dietary fibre content, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals. Despite its high carb content, this superfood has a low glycemic index, which ensures its carbohydrates are ingested slowly and have long-term energy. Quinoa is also high in manganese, magnesium, and folate.

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Oatmeal is a whole grain cereal that has the potential to supply you with sustained energy. It contains beta glucan, a soluble fibre that when mixed with water forms a dense gel. The presence of this gel in the digestive tract causes stomach emptying to be delayed, as well as glucose absorption into the bloodstream.

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Oats are also high in vitamins and minerals, which assist in the production of energy. B vitamins, iron, and manganese are among them. Oatmeal is an excellent source of continuous nutrition due to the combination of these nutrients.


Yogurt is a great way to start the day. Easy sugars like lactose and galactose make up the rest of the carbohydrates in yoghurt. These sugars can have ready-to-use energy when broken down. Yogurt also contains protein, which aids in the absorption of carbohydrates and, as a result, the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

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Avocados are called a superfood because of all of their many health benefits. They’re high in good fats, B vitamins, and fibre, for example. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids make up approximately 84 percent of the good fats in avocados. These good fats have been found to help sustain stable blood fat levels and increase nutrient absorption. They can also be preserved and used as energy sources in the body.

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The high vitamin C content of oranges is well-known. One orange will supply up to 106 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. Oranges also include antioxidant compounds that can help to prevent oxidative stress.

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Oxidative stress has been related to fatigue, according to studies. As a result, the antioxidant protection offered by orange compounds can aid in fatigue reduction. In reality, one study found that 13 women who drank 17 ounces (500 mL) of orange juice three times a week and did 1 hour of aerobic exercise three times a week for three months had less muscle weakness and improved physical performance.


Strawberries are another fruit that will help you feel more energised. They will have calories, fibre, and sugars, both of which will help you feel more energised. One cup of strawberries contains 13 grammes of carbohydrates, 3 grammes of fibre, and 100% of the required daily intake of vitamin C.

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Strawberry antioxidants can help you combat fatigue and give you energy, in addition to fighting inflammation. Strawberries are delicious in smoothies, parfaits, and salads, among other dishes.


Seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds will make you feel more energised. Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids are plentiful in these seeds. Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency has been related to increased inflammation and fatigue.

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Seeds can provide a healthy source of fibre and protein. Seed fibre aids in the gradual absorption of nutrients, resulting in a smooth, long-lasting release of energy.

Green tea

Green tea is well-known for its many health benefits. It contains a lot of strong antioxidants that will help you avoid oxidative stress and inflammation. Green tea, like coffee, contains caffeine, which will raise your energy levels. Green tea, on the other hand, contains a substance known as L-theanine.

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L-theanine can help to minimise the harmful effects of caffeine, such as nausea and jitters, while also offering a more continuous energy boost. Furthermore, green tea will help you stay energised during physical exercise by rising fat breakdown and the release of the hormone norepinephrine.


Nuts are a high-nutrient snack that will help you remain energised. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews, for example, are noted for their high calorie density and high protein, carbohydrate, and good fat quality.

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Walnuts, in particular, are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants that can boost energy levels while also reducing inflammation and protecting against free radicals. Furthermore, these nuts provide sufficient carbs and fibre to offer a steady and long-lasting energy boost.

Other vitamins and minerals present in nuts include manganese, iron, B vitamins, and vitamin E. These will aid in the production of energy and the reduction of fatigue.

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