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How to do Exercise during your holidays

Coherence is the secret to meeting your fitness goals. Even though life happens and we have more commitments than we want, it helps make the practice feasible even in the holiday season by taking a little time to plan accordingly.

Here are some ways you can be sure to stay on track:

  1. Planning your workouts ahead of time: If you go to the gym or class, sign up for your appointments or plan them in advance and it is already on your weekly schedule. Having a family staying at home can help you feel fulfilled and energized throughout the day in early morning hours, as well as you might get home before everybody else’s up so you can have some well-merited “me time.”
  2. Group workouts: Perhaps they would like to follow you if you have a family living with you. It doesn’t have to be planned but it is a great bonding experience for the whole family to move and you have a chance to have an effect on your loved ones. You can play any day in a yard, touch football or even take a walk. You should perform a workout drill.
  3. Plan meals: Not only for the holidays but all the time, this is a great idea. When you prepare meals and healthy snacks for a week for an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon, your family and you will help keep your priorities in place. You will not have to pause to purchase convenience foods at a time crunch if you already decide what you are going to eat. This can also be an entertaining family event, which offers everyone a bit more information about what they want to do during the week.
  4. Be efficient: Note that you don’t have to take a full hour off the day when it comes to exercise to do a workout. In reality, it could be almost impossible to take an hour off on holiday. In less than 20 minutes, you can have a great workout with just bodyweight. Twenty jumps, twenty moves, twenty mountain climbers, sixty-second plank three times. take 10-15 minutes and pump your heart!
  5. Don’t do more, change what you’re already doing: Free time is at a peak during the holidays. Try to think of basic things that add up over the long term. Sit any lower, take the stairs, stand in place, or pick up a carrot bag in favor of a chip bag. There are so many options that we get to choose the better every day!

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