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Pluse HR Water Resistant Fitness Tracker

Withings PLuse HR is a revolutionary water-resistant exercise tracker which can provide its users with functionality such as heart rate control and integrated GPS tracking as well as a 20-day battery life. Withings launched the Steel HR sports fitness tracker a few months ago and before it was released, The company was acquired by Nokia, but the business acquired a new design and put it back to the market.

The fitness tracker of the Withings Plus HR will come with a stylish silicone wristband that can be changed with two different color options. Silver or Red provides the consumers with more options. The organization has installed an OLED screen that will provide real-time alerts to its customers on the contact feedback, be it calls or emails. It also calculates the user’s burned number of calories, checks daily activity. The app can be used to track sleep patterns, the period of sleep, and users may set an alarm on the wrist to vibrate.

The fitness tracker is water-resistant, making it easier to carry it while running, playing or even diving in the pool. The new Plus HR is an update on the Pulse, the company’s first activity tracker to be launched in 2013. The original Pulse came in the size of a small matchbox that can be attached to the user’s belt or even placed in the pockets. In contrast, Withings made an electronic watch prototype but couldn’t get any traction on the market, but the new device is going to be more like a conventional fitness tracker.

The Withings Plus HR will come with the company’s own OS2 operating system, which has also been seen in their latest Steel HR app. The fitness tracker will be on pre-order starting today for $129.95 from Amazon and and will be released on December 5th. In the month of January, the Red and Silver color combination will be eligible next year. Were you going to get this tool from Withings? If you have more questions and stay tuned to Android Advices for more, post in the section below.

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