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Top Diet Foods for Weight Loss (Part-1)

Bay Leaf

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Reducing your average salt level is a vital step towards healthy food and loss of weight. With herbs such as bay leaves, soups, sauces and meat dishes can be eaten without adding extra oil. Try to add a or two leaves to your next bowl (just take care of extracting the leaves before you eat).


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Penn State University researchers have found that spices (including cloves) will allow the body to boost reaction to fatty meals. In people with type 2 diabetes, cloves were also shown to improve the function of insulin. Until sampling, try adding entire cloves or including them in meat or poultry.

Ginger Root

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According to a September 2010 study published in the Journal of Medicine, regular use of ginger can minimize muscle pain induced by exercise up to 25 percent. Less pressure in joints= better workouts! For stir-fry sauces, soups and smoothies, try adding fresh ginger. To order to keep it healthy, we suggest frozen peeled ginger in the freezer.


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“Knobs include the allicin compound that acts to suppress unhealthy fats and cholesterol, with antibacterial results. Registered dietary consultant for dietitians and celebrities. DeFazio claims the garlic functions in several forms as a normal suppressor of hunger. The intense smell of garlic activates the source of satiety in the brain, which decreases desire and strengthens the brain’s leptin sensitivity (a hormone that helps regulate the appetite). We also love the way it enhances almost every dish’s flavor.


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This herb (which decreases water retention) is a normal, diuretic herb that promotes digestion and helps the body eliminate waste, which is vital for loss of weight. It’s perfect for meat or side dishes in spice rubber.


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Sage aids digestion, making it popular as an aid for weight loss.  Attach them to your favorite recipes or sip them as wise tea during meals to relieve hunger.

Runner Beans

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The filled and protein-rich beans are fat-free and fiber-rich. One of the key problems with low levels of calorie is that you are still thirsty. You may feel more full by eating foods like beans, which also provide protein. (A word of precaution: runner bovine bovines should not be eaten raw because they produce a drug called lectin phytohemagglutinin, a poison that clumps red cells into your blood.

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