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Unknown Weight Gain Triggers

If you consistently consume more calories than usual bodily functions and physical activity, weight gain happens. However, the lifestyle habits that raise your weight are not always apparent.

Losing weight involves eating fewer calories and use physical exercise to consume more energy.

This seems easy. Across England, however, about 60 people are overweight or obese. Many of us eat more calories than we need in our diets and not do enough physical activity.

Were you mindful of some of the triggers for your weight gain?

Food that’s labeled ‘low-fat’

Most products are now called “low-fat” in stores. However, the food scientist Lisa Miles notes the trap is there.

“Low-fat foods in some situations also have high sugar content. Elevated-sugar products can have many calories and thus aid weight gain.”

What can I do?

Miles states, “Read the labels.” “You will analyze the total value of a meal and its calories. Although a product may have a lowered fat level, it may still have the same amount of calories. A “low-fat” muffin, for instance, may have more calories than a currant bun.


It can be easily accessible if pressured to produce a sugar pick-up. Use that regularly so you will bring it down.

What can I do?

Snack on fruit, vegetables and other low-calorie choices, such as easy popcorn, crackers, and rice cakes.”

And learn ways to cope with food-free pain. Due to the release of endorphins that help fight depression, exercise helps improve mental well-being.


Looking at a ton of TV will support an unhealthy lifestyle and many of us consume calories that we don’t need when watching TV.

“Too often people sit on the Television and binge on energy-rich foods such as crisps and candy, Suckling describes,” Suckling says.

What can I do?

“Take part in more daily physical activity if you are concerned about your weight if you can be safe,” Suckling says.

“Try to work, school or stores, spend less time outside the Window. Don’t forget that while you watch TV, you can do a workout, for example with the exercise bike.”

Late nights

Some research indicates that a sleep deficit may help to increase weight.

A strong link seems to occur between sleeplessness and weight

What can I do?

Simple: just sleep more. “You look good when you get up to sleep well during the night.” We find sleep a waste of time in these modern times. However, sleep is key to good health.

Good manners

Friends and families will inspire you to shed extra weight in an ideal world. Often they drive you to consume more calories.

Isn’t it impossible not to end a dining dinner with this double chocolate cake? It looks like this sometimes.

What can I do?

Get to learn and continue with “no, thank you.” Take the notion that your plate is OK to quit food. Then the decisions come from friends and family to honor them.


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