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You Must Post Gym Selfies 4 Good Reasons

The research in Brunel University that bounces from a business insider, mashable, oxygen and others says narcissists are usually those who speak about food, fitness, and accomplishments — especially in the gym.

While we do not deny that some people share pictures for the sake of publicity, may we take a moment to think that workout selfies could mean something else? Really, several good things?

We may find many more benefits in workout selfies that go beyond potential distractions by seeing repeated road maps or sports photos. In reality, we allow our members to post-gym selfies and other photos of their individual journeys which have nothing to do with gym tours and inspections. It’s about achieving, helping and sharing their big and small accomplishments, ideally.

4 Reasons to Post Gym Selfies

1. Close The Back Door

It’s difficult to begin. And continue! And to continue! It is a first major step, though, to let others learn about your goals and what you intend to do. That is because of the fact that you have notified hundreds of your Facebook friends you’ve agreed to do so (although it’s much more tenting!) to pull out of your proposal.

2. Get a Boost

The fight is sincere. And every day. And every day. Every day we have tough choices to spend our time and to bring them in our bodies. Posting a screenshot or having your knowledge up to date is bound to make you like it and make comments, giving a boost to your next decisions. Since let’s be truthful, it’s enjoyable receiving congratulations!

3. Give a Boost

You never really realize all that’s going in the lives of others, especially not outside the extended family and friends network. Yet Facebook has an effect on daily life which has positive impacts other than obvious views, reviews, and shares. It may just be what someone needs to move to keep up with your background. It’s promoting change. Change. It’s inspiring to excel. And indeed, peer pressure can even be. But it’s worth it if only one user has a positive effect, helping them make a healthier choice!

4. See How Far You’ve Come

Nothing is more enjoyable than a great thing before and after. How does this work, however? And records! You may certainly keep these images to yourself, but it is fun to look back and share memories with others, close to a yearbook or a children’s book, and to see evidence of people, locations and acts that have brought you to where you are now.

So go ahead, give friends and family the trust or success and reach out as often as you want for support. (And include #AnytimeFitness & #G2HP[ Get to a Healthier Place] so we can see them and share to encourage others!) Isn’t that connection to your community what Facebook is for?

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