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What is the perfect strength training warm-up?

Warming the joints up before a strength workout and increasing the body’s temperature–a routine that is necessary to optimize your fitness. A healthy, regular warm-up will improve your balance and increase your performance, as well as prevent injuries in the long term.

Although this may sound like elevated targets, warming up to elevation is never a long or hard process, says Tony Gentilcore, CPT, CSCS, a coach of power.

By working on challenges places where practically any human being has a lot of interest. The knee folding, glutes, hip joints, and midback are good areas in which to concentrate, as they are all susceptible to rigidity and difficult to work out.

Gentilcore suggests this Yoga Push-Up Complex organize and warm up the key spots in one step.

Yoga Push-Up Complex

  • Begin with hands on the floor and center at a higher plank position.
  • Move the hands to move a dog’s place up and back. Your limbs are straight (but not closed off), and your hands are weight evenly distributed.
  • Pump your foot to loosen the hamstrings and then sit down and drop the heels to the table.
  • Bring your left foot out to your left hand so that you are in a strong lung. Remain on the floor placing the right hand to push from the middle to touch the roof from your left hand.
  • Return to the floor the hand and go back to the board. On the right side, replicate the whole complex. For 5 or 6 sequences per side, alternate sides.

According to Gentilcore, after this full-body movement, do a similar exercise warm-up with a few short sets of your key power step of the day. Concentrate on excellent shape and a whole range of movement to get a feel for movement and train psychologically for tougher sets. For eg, if your preparation requires squats made of barbels, do five squats with those loads that will carry you to your work sets.

If the time is short, you might miss warming up the whole body, he says, but do not skimp on warm-ups for the workout. Not only does your efficiency suffer, but you risk injury if you jump straight into heavy work sets. You will be safe and strong in five minutes at the start of a workout.

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